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Handmade Zulu Multi coloured beaded necklace/Zulu Collared Necklace blue, yellow, red, white

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Zulu Multi coloured beaded necklace/Zulu Collared Necklace

This multi coloured yellow, blue, red, black, white  Zulu Collared beaded  necklace is hand crafted with tiny multi coloured glass beads and rope bringing out the uniquenes of the traditional beads. Fastens with a ball and loop. Zulu beads come in strikingly beautiful,  vibrant colours with stunning designs. It can be worn to complement your outfit and will make a great gift  for friends and family with a love for Africa.

Tradionally hand made by our 3 very talented beaders in South Africa.

Dinastrends is proud to play a role in helping these women sustain their families financially.


My name is Dina, owner and founder of DinasTrends. The name of my shop simply came from my first name Blandina, shortened to Dina by friends! From having a shop on Etsy, I later decided to open my own website and connect directly to my customers from this platform. 

As an frican living in England, United Kingdom, I started DinasTrends beacause of my love and passion for the vibrant and colourful African fashion. 

Coming from a family of seamstresses and dressmakers, in my Grandmother and Mother, I have always been surrounded by beautiful fabrics from an early age. It was only natural that I followed in their footsteps! 

African culture is so vibrant, bold, loud, diverse, in your face and very welcoming at the same time. It has so much to give! 

I would love for you to fall in love with my version of the vibrant and diverse African fashion as much as I have!

I personally make and process your orders with care and professionalism. Only using high quality fabrics and materials. My fabrics are100% cotton African Wax/ Dutch Hollandais. DinasTrends accessories are handmade with love!

My handmade Zulu/Ndebele Beaded jewellery are made for DinasTrends by talented SouthAfrican craftswomen in the rural areas of Durban and in Jo'burg striving to provide a living for their families.

Our Kiondo Bags are handmade the traditional way in Kenya by community based initiatives supporting women in rural areas.

DinasTrends proudly supports small African business craftsmen and women from South Africa and Kenya. Helping empower women in these communities.

Most items are made to order, unless otherwise stated. Best Contact- Messenger Chat,

Email- dina@dinastrends.com

Facebook- dinastrends

Instagram- DinasTrends


Love Dina x