Free Shipping- Zulu Large Multi Coloured Over the Shoulder Beaded Necklace, green, red, blue, yellow and white

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Shoulder Beaded Necklace

Let the beauty of this collection of Zulu beads take your breath away! These Zulu beads are carefully handcrafted the traditional way using small African glass beads.

Zulu beads are tradionally colourful and designed with striking designs. The individual colours and designs have significance in the Zulu tradition, representing  love, family, gender, emotions, wealth and marriage status.

This large  multi coloured Zulu beaded necklace is worn over the shoulder cascading down. This  beaded necklace is  handmade in South Africa from glass beads in a range of colours-blue, yellow, green, white, red and black. The necklace fastens at the back with a loop and ball.

These beads are carefulluy made by our 3 very talented beaders in South Africa. Dinastrends is proud to play a role in helping these women sustain their families financially.