The beautiful traditional dress of South African tribes!


As you know I am so inlove with African fashion. I absolutely love the the bold colours and the wonderful prints of Ankara/ African Wax. And the intricate beaded necklaces! 

This brings me to the beautiful diverse traditional attires of South African tribes! In this picture I have brought two amazing traditional attires into One! 

The gold choker and bracelet depict the Ndebele brass chokers and necklaces. 

The Ndebele are well known for their art!
Women wear a white apron decorated in intricate beaded designs, copper and brass chokers with bracelets. Married women cover their shoulders with vibrant capes!

The Ndebele Neck piece is known to have  inspired Alexender McQueens coiled necklace from 'its a jungle out there" Autumn/winter 1997 collection!

The striped skirt with its colourful cascading beaded belt is a typical traditional attire of the South African Venda tribe. 

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