Behind the Scenes!

Here I am behind the scenes bringing you our handmade accessories made with love!

I am so thankful and feel so blessed to have this opportunity to be able to do something I really enjoy and call it my work. 

By the time you see one of my handmade accessories on the website such as my African Fabric Tote Bags, African Wax Clutch bags, Fabric and Tassel earings, a lot of work and effort would have already gone in to the whole process to deliver to you a trully unique product that's been made with love! 

From choosing the fabrics, the correct threads to go with the fabrics, lining and any other materials needed to be able to produce these Unique African inspired accessories.

Because I am so passionate and inlove with what I do, I find the whole process from start to finish so much fun and exciting! I want you to know that I put every effort in delivering to you a unique product of high standard and quality! 

My African fabric accessories are made from a 100% cotton African (Ankara) Wax print. Also known as Dutch Wax Hollandais

A product that you will fall inlove with and last you forever! 

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